Thomas V. Colby, M.D.

Thomas V. Colby, M.D., was born in Massachusetts and educated at Tulane University, Stanford University and the University of Michigan, receiving his M.D. in 1974. He did his residency and a short stint on the faculty at Stanford University Medical Center until 1983. He then moved to The University of Utah, where he was the director of surgical pathology for three and a half years before relocating to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., in 1986. In 1993, he moved to Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Dr. Colby developed an interest in pulmonary pathology while working with Charles Carrington, M.D., at Stanford University. Dr. Carrington was a star pupil of Averill Liebow, M.D., in lung pathology. Dr. Colby inherited Dr. Carrington's teaching collection and has added considerably to it. It now comprises some 20,000 cases of lung pathology specimens available for study and review at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. More than 100 individuals from all corners of the earth have come to review this collection.

Dr. Colby maintains an active consultation practice in concert with Henry D. Tazelaar, M.D., and Kevin O. Leslie, M.D., and between them they see some 5,000 lung pathology consultations a year. Dr. Colby has lectured widely for many years and has more than 350 peer-reviewed publications in his curriculum vitae.