Temitope Soares, M.D., Pharm.D.

Temitope Soares, M.D., Pharm.D.

What would you relate about the Visiting Medical Student Clerkship to those considering the program?

"Mayo Clinic's Visiting Medical Student Clerkship provides vital face time with some of the best clinicians out there. The program will help you decide if you want to continue your studies at Mayo, and will help Mayo program directors see if you are a good fit for a particular residency. I have found that Mayo program directors pick you for your abilities — not race, gender, religion, what school you graduated from or anything else. You will see a lot of cases, including some unusual ones, and you will get to train under the tutelage of excellent, yet down-to-earth physicians.

I received a Mayo Diversity Scholarship in August 2003 as a senior medical student.

The scholarship made my Visiting Senior Medical Student rotation quite affordable. I was able to use it to defray the cost of accommodation during my one-month visiting rotation in the Dermatology Department in Rochester."

How did the Career Development Program benefit you?

"The program was a great introduction to what Mayo Clinic is about. We experienced firsthand how Mayo Clinic's dedication to patient care stands out among health care facilities in the United States. The experience definitely sealed my interest in dermatology. It also showed me clearly that I wanted to pursue training at Mayo Clinic. Program faculty helped explain what is required to get into a residency and helped us understand what to focus on prior to application."

What attracted you to dermatology?

"With dermatology there is a wide spectrum of practice areas including surgery, pathology, cosmetics and pediatrics. I like the idea that as a dermatologist I can practice in each of these areas and not be pigeonholed in one interest area. I have also found that dermatology is an often overlooked area of medical understanding. The potential for growth in the field interests me."

Why Mayo?

"Even before I came to the United States in 1993, I had heard about Mayo Clinic. When I decided to go to medical school, I knew that I wanted to learn from a premier medical facility. The Career Development Program and Visiting Medical Student Clerkship confirmed that I wanted to train here, perhaps because what I clearly saw exhibited the adage of Mayo Clinic that the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered. At Mayo Clinic everyone takes the mission to heart. Here research, education and clinical practice are all integrated around the needs of the patient. The training here at Mayo Clinic is second to none, in my opinion."

What is living in Arizona like for you?

"Living in Arizona has been great. The people are friendly and it's beautiful here. I feel like I have the best of both worlds: great weather and Mayo Clinic. I work with great people. My family is here with me and there are lots of good places to visit. I've seen the Suns play basketball and the Diamondbacks play baseball and someday I plan to see the Cardinals play football. It has been the best of times."

Did anything surprise you about Mayo Clinic?

"When I first came to Mayo Clinic I was surprised by the amount of autonomy that residents receive. Soon after beginning my residency, I had patients on my schedule who were my responsibility. These patients consider you as their primary physician. I think this is great because it prepares you for the real world. Another surprise in the beginning was the level of teamwork that surrounded me. Everyone here works together and bounces ideas off each other. At Mayo Clinic you get to use the intellectual capacity of everyone around you to provide the best care for patients."

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