Samar Ibrahim, M.B., Ch.B.

Samar Ibrahim, M.B., Ch.B., of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is interested in exploring new therapeutic agents to treat fatty liver disease. This disease has emerged as a public health problem linked to the epidemic of obesity and is currently the most common form of liver disease in Western countries, without any proven effective therapy.

Dr. Ibrahim says she's interested in studying the mechanisms of liver injury in human nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) with a goal of exploring new biomarkers and therapeutic agents.

"Translational science is the optimum way to study the different pathways involved in the pathogenesis of the disease and identify new protective mechanisms and pharmacological agents, which will be proven to be effective in vitro, subsequently in mouse models of fatty liver disease, and finally in human clinical trials," says Dr. Ibrahim.

Dr. Ibrahim completed the Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic before entering the KL2 Program. "As a pediatric gastroenterology fellow, I received the optimum mentorship and support to pursue a successful research project and develop the skills needed to formulate and prove a hypothesis," she says.

"In the stimulating scientific environment at Mayo, I had the chance to interact with collaborators from different disciplines, develop a comprehensive approach, and sustain my academic growth as a Mayo scholar and as a junior faculty member," says Dr. Ibrahim.

As a KL2 scholar, Dr. Ibrahim is looking forward to increasing her knowledge and understanding of liver cell death and mediators of liver inflammation.

"The program will enable me to acquire new skills that relate to macrophage biology, the role of extracellular microvesicles in liver pathophysiology and animal models of NASH," she says.

In addition, Dr. Ibrahim says she will advance her understanding of statistical methods, continue to improve her writing skills for grants and scientific papers, and present her research at national scientific meetings.

"The opportunity to have a master's in clinical and translational science will prepare me to be an independent investigator," says Dr. Ibrahim.


  • Sep 7, 2016
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