Nicholas (Tyler) Thomason

The Molecular Genetics Internship was an amazing experience. The academic knowledge on genetic disorders that I gained at Mayo Clinic was extremely valuable to me in completing my master's degree in molecular pathology and passing the American Society for Clinical Pathologists' certification examination.

Mayo's unique teaching methods made the material intriguing and easy to learn. The hands-on laboratory assignments were challenging in a way that forced me to develop critical thinking and troubleshooting skills. This experience, along with the shadowing of molecular technologists at the bench, gave me an opportunity to apply the theory and better understand the process involved in patient testing.

One of my favorite parts of the program — and the section that changed my way of thinking about the molecular laboratory — was the time I spent learning from the genetic counselors. After each lecture, they would open the floor for a discussion about the ethical issues concerning genetic testing and how imperative it is that patients fully understand the results of such testing.

  • Sep 25, 2012
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