Nathan Hines

Student: Nathan Hines

Preparing to attend my senior year of college after being hired as a laboratory intern for the summer of 2007, I was skeptical as to what I really wanted to do with my future. The opportunity to apply for a position in the first class for the CLS program presented itself and I was very excited to explore the opportunity. From the interview to finally arriving at class the program faculty was helpful, caring, and enthusiastic about the future.

When didactics started, I began to realize that this truly was a spectacular prospect. Each class gave opportunity to learn from leading world authorities in Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Transfusion Medicine, and many more. Not only were we able to learn from these professionals, but we were able to interact and engage in group practice with them in a very unique laboratory environment. I don't know of any other hospital in the nation where this occurs. The curriculum and education have prepared me well for a future in the field of Clinical Laboratory Science.

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