Mira Coleman

Photo of Mira Coleman M.D.
  • M.D. Student
  • Class of 2013

Maybe it was her extremely humble beginnings in rural Idaho and the unvarying support of her mother. Maybe it was the extra effort of her fifth grade teacher to make sure she caught up in her school work after years of subpar education. Maybe it was her high school teacher's inspiring words, "Mira, you have good ideas, you think very logically, you need to be more confident because you are talented."

Mira Coleman has not forgotten the words and efforts of those individuals that supported her along the way and has turned that influence into a life-long endeavor to become a world-class physician "Coming from an underserved community myself, I felt I would be able to honor my ideals as far as helping underserved areas and I knew Mayo Clinic with their history of service would help me succeed in that mission."

Why did you choose medicine as a career?

"I always enjoyed the sciences and graduated with a biology degree. But it wasn't until I witnessed a wedding speech in which the father of the groom asked a neurosurgeon in attendance to stand up and accept the praise and gratitude of everyone present for saving his son's life a few years earlier that my decision was confirmed. I was overwhelmed by the emotion in that wedding hall and knew at that time I wanted to be a physician because then I could really help people experience life-changing moments."

When choosing your school, how did Mayo Medical School differentiate itself?

"I was very much drawn to the small class size; it's what I am use to, it's how I learn best, and it's conducive to more intimate relationships. The curriculum was very progressive and innovative and set up so classmates support each other. Also, with Mayo's dedication to public health and commitment to underserved communities, I was thrilled that a medical school shared the same ideals that I did."

What surprised you about MMS and Rochester?

"How amazing Selectives are - giving every student a chance to recuperate, experience the clinic or other health care situations, and remind yourself why you want to become a doctor."

"What surprised me about Rochester was on my first visit I noticed everyone is extremely friendly and the city's progressive and altruistic environment."

What is your goal after all of this?

"I'm interested in pediatrics and pediatric specialties."

  • March 20, 2014
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