Megan N. Manento, M.D.

What attracted you to medicine and anesthesiology?

Several of my family members have chronic, remitting, relapsing conditions that require multispecialty care. As a child, I spent days, weeks and sometimes months with a hospital room as my after-school care. I witnessed an unfortunately wide spectrum of medical care depending upon which hospital — county, private or university — received them. The acuity of patients in the ICU and their inability to advocate for themselves has since resonated as an area of medicine I'd like to address.

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for residency training?

Mayo Clinic offers a unique opportunity to learn from the best specialists in the country while maintaining a focus on patient care. Its collaborative environment and team-centered approach to care make Mayo Clinic an easy place to ask questions and grow as a doctor. The research opportunities and NIH funding are incredible, but it never overshadows our dedication to patients.

What makes Mayo Clinic's Anesthesiology Residency unique?

As a quaternary care center, Mayo Clinic receives surgical referrals from hospitals around the world. As a result, anesthesiology residents at Mayo are exposed to the most cutting-edge techniques and surgical procedures in the country. In particular, our cardiac, transplant, regional and general surgery services are among the best in the country. An effort is made on every rotation to assign the residents to the most involved anesthetic cases. During the second and third year of anesthesia training, we are given opportunities to supervise and coordinate the scheduling of emergency cases.

Has anything about your residency experience or Mayo Clinic surprised you?

I was surprised at how well the multiple specialties, nursing and laboratory staff coordinate their work. The communication and rapport between specialists is unparalleled and affords very efficient, comprehensive medical care.

What is living in Rochester like for you?

Rochester is a "green" town with numerous parks and outdoor activities to enjoy, from snowshoeing, sledding and ice skating in the winter to hiking and biking in the warm months. It's within driving distance of tourist towns and landmarks, as well as the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I've especially enjoyed the incredible theatre districts in Minneapolis and Lanesboro — both only an hour's drive away. Rochester is also a place where residents can afford to own their own home, which is fantastic if you have a family or children.

What does your future look like right now?

I will be applying to fellowships in cardiac and ICU anesthesiology this year and hope to continue research in human physiology.

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