Matthew M. Moore

Design Researcher, Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic

Matthew M. Moore has 20 years of experience as a designer of collaborative public experiences, ranging from informal learning cultural institutions to large corporations.

Work with Sony, Nike, Time Warner and Best Buy on a range of projects, from retail to corporate lobby projects, has given him strong insights into the priorities and character of businesses and what types of information and work environments support ongoing innovation and growth. Work on a diverse range of museums and visitors' centers has given him practical knowledge into how best to communicate complex ideas and motivate people.

Before coming to Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation, he was principal and co-owner of Hipbone Design, an experience design studio. Hipbone was started to enable more hands-on attention to projects and a focus on diverse clients.

Moore's work as director of environmental design at ESI Design, an interactive design company, helped form many of his perspectives and ideas about creating great experiences that deliver for clients as well as visitors and customers.

Through this work and through teaching graduate exhibit design, Moore has continued to develop ideas of connecting people in public places, the effect of cumulative details and design functionality, including aesthetic, emotional and inspirational functionality.

Aug. 09, 2013