Mariana Cook

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  • M.D./M.P.H. Student
  • Class of 2012

"If I have the determination and the resources to do it, I might as well go for it." That has been Mariana Cook's motto and has taken her far from her home on the island of Guam to Mayo Medical School where she is determined to become a world-class primary care physician.

Growing up, Mariana was keenly aware of the lack of good medical care in Guam. Her two-year stint with "Teach for America" in New Orleans during the time of Hurricane Katrina further convinced her of her desire to "help humanity" and to obtain the best medical training possible. With the support of her mother, father, and husband, Mariana will complete her training in 2012 and is determined to go back to Guam to help improve health care and prevention on the island.

Why did you choose medicine as a career?

"Living in New Orleans during the time of Hurricane Katrina was a huge learning experience for me and awakened me to what was really important in life - helping people. It was shortly thereafter that I started applying to medical schools."

When choosing your school, how did Mayo Medical School differentiate itself?

"To be honest, I had little knowledge of MMS, but I had heard of Mayo Clinic through internet searches of specific medical topics. I knew it was a prestigious and reliable clinic, and after learning more about MMS, I knew it would provide me with the best M.D. training."

What surprised you about MMS and Rochester?

"What surprised me about MMS was the dedication of the faculty; they are world-renowned in their specialty, yet still take the time and enjoy teaching the students."

"With Rochester, I was surprised by the extent of diversity and the great feeling of community. Also, I was surprised at the hustle and bustle of Rochester and the clinic - it's what a medical town should be."

What is your goal after all of this?

"I want to earn my M.P.H. and become a primary care physician; then go back to Guam to help with their many needs."

  • March 20, 2014
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