Marc A. Ellsworth, M.D.

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for fellowship training?

I was a resident at Mayo Clinic and got to spend a lot of time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as a result. What impressed me the most was the culture of excellence and collaboration in caring for patients. The fellows were given the opportunity (and expected) to take the lead in caring for patients and guiding their care.

The collaboration among the different specialties and disciplines was encouraged and visibly apparent. I felt that as a fellow, I would be able to get enough autonomy for growth as a clinician but at the same time have the support of anyone that I needed to help guide me through the process.

What makes the Mayo Clinic Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship unique?

What makes this program unique is the endless opportunities available to its fellows. We are just a small cog in the extensive Mayo system and as a result are able to take advantage of the countless resources Mayo offers.

The fellowship leadership is very supportive of our pursuits and interests and is proactive in setting us up with the right people to help us succeed. The basic attitude of the fellowship is that if someone wants to pursue something, it will happen.

In my opinion, the support for research and other academic pursuits enhances clinical training and promotes significant professional development unmatched by other programs.

Can you tell us a little bit about your research?

I am involved in multiple research projects that entail the use of real-time data monitoring to improve clinical practice. Initially, we developed and studied an electronic data monitoring system that was shown to decrease hyperoxic episodes in the most premature infants.

Currently, we are using the technology of continuous QTc monitoring to describe the normal values in the NICU population and attempt to detect variations in values during different clinical situations.

What's it like living in Rochester, Minnesota?

It has been a great place to live for our family. Rochester is so family friendly and easily accessible. It is a good mix of everything you need without the traffic and congestion of a big city. The Twin Cities are very accessible and great to visit.

Being from Arizona, I was a bit skeptical of the cold. It is definitely cold but manageable (a garage helps). The Mayo campus is all connected by subway or shuttle, which makes escaping the cold easy and convenient. It says a lot about the city that my wife (also from Arizona) and I chose to stay for another three years. We love it here!

What does your future look like right now?

My goal is to eventually move back closer to Arizona after I finish my training. I feel that completing my fellowship here at Mayo will prepare me to be very competitive for any job I wish to pursue.

June 01, 2015