Lynn C. Hartmann, M.D.

Consultant, Division of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic

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Lynn C. Hartmann, M.D., is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed medical school at Northwestern University, with distinction. She completed her medical oncology training at Mayo Clinic in 1989.

Dr. Hartmann led the effort to develop the Women's Cancer Program at Mayo in 1992. The focus of the Women's Cancer Program is to advance the scientific understanding of breast and gynecologic cancers; educate patients, professionals and the public about these cancers; and optimize the care of women with these conditions.

Dr. Hartmann pursues two main areas of research: the identification and management of women at high risk of breast cancer — especially in the arena of improved means of predicting risk of breast cancer — and helping to define and develop new treatment strategies for ovarian cancer.

She has contributed more than 200 research articles to the medical literature. Dr. Hartmann is principal investigator of the Mayo Clinic Benign Breast Disease Cohort and co-principal investigator of the Mayo Clinic Ovarian Cancer SPORE. She is the Blanche R. and Richard J. Erlanger Professor of Medical Research and professor of oncology at Mayo Clinic.

In 2012, Dr. Hartmann was named a Mayo Clinic Distinguished Investigator, recognizing her career-long research contributions. She and Charles L. Loprinzi, M.D., also of Mayo Clinic, co-wrote the first Mayo Clinic books on cancer: "Mayo Clinic Guide to Women's Cancers" and "The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book."

Oct. 16, 2013