Keri J. Propst, M.D.

What attracted you to medicine and anesthesiology?

Coming from a family of scientists — my mother was a high school science teacher for 33 years and my sister has her Ph.D. in medical microbiology — I was attracted to science and medicine at a young age. I completed research projects in middle school and high school and went on to pursue research in college. I loved basic science, but desired a greater amount of interpersonal communication; therefore, I felt medicine was the right choice for me. During my third year of medical school, I was exposed to anesthesiology and immediately felt that it blended my love for basic science (namely physiology and pharmacology) and people the best.

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for residency training?

I had always heard such amazing things about the Department of Anesthesiology at Mayo. Following my interview, I knew that it would be my top choice for residency training. I was extremely impressed with the quality of faculty and residents, the diversity of cases, and the emphasis on education. In addition, my husband and I couples matched, and he was equally impressed with the orthopedic department. We knew Mayo was the best choice for us.

What makes Mayo Clinic's Anesthesiology Residency unique?

Here we don't have to learn about rare or complex cases from textbooks, but rather we're exposed to them firsthand.

Has anything about your residency experience or Mayo Clinic surprised you?

The friendliness of the consultants and the genuine interest they have in resident education. In addition, I continue to be impressed with Mayo Clinic as a whole.

What is living in Rochester like for you?

As a native Coloradan, relocating to the Midwest was quite the change; but my husband and I have really enjoyed living in Rochester. The community is friendly and housing is affordable. My husband has really enjoyed golfing in the summer, and we're looking forward to cross-country skiing this winter.

What does your future look like right now?

Following residency, I would like to pursue fellowship training and ultimately practice in Colorado in either private practice or academics.

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