Karthik Ravi, M.D.

Karthik Ravi, M.D.

What attracted you to gastroenterology?
"My interest in Gastroenterology arose as I watched my college roommate struggle with chronic abdominal pain for years. This was poorly understood by others and adversely impacted many aspects of his life. However, following a diagnosis of Crohn's disease and appropriate treatment, there was a dramatic improvement in his life; and he now has a successful career in education.

My interest in medicine and this observed success story attracted me to the field of gastroenterology. During residency, I had the opportunity to participate in the care of patients with motility disorders throughout the gastrointestinal tract. I grew to appreciate their frustrations as they struggled to have their symptoms understood; and witnessed the life-altering changes treatment provided. Coupled with the vast and exciting opportunities for clinical investigation, I was drawn to gastrointestinal motility in particular."

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for fellowship training?
Mayo Clinic has established itself as a leader in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. I knew that the dedication to the three shields of research, education and clinical practice would allow me the opportunity to not only provide excellent patient care, but grow as an academician and clinician. Having completed my internal medicine residency at Mayo as well, I appreciated the collegial atmosphere and true dedication to education that permeates throughout the department and the clinic as a whole."

What makes the Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology Fellowship unique?
"In the field of gastrointestinal motility, training at the Mayo Clinic provides truly unique opportunities. The number of faculty members in this area is unparalleled, affording the chance to work with leaders in the field with varying interests and specialized expertise. In addition, Mayo is at the frontier of new and innovative diagnostic procedures in gastrointestinal motility. This, coupled with the tremendous opportunities for clinical investigation, creates a special training environment."

Anything surprise you about Mayo's program?
"The most surprising thing is the support that is available to you as a fellow. Any question can be addressed with a phone call or knock on the office door of virtually any faculty. In addition, the ancillary staff are friendly and efficient, making for a great and productive working environment."

What is living in Rochester like for you?
"Despite its small size, Rochester has many of the attractions of a larger city, including great restaurants and stores. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities year- round. Its small size offers the added benefits of little traffic or crime. Easy and convenient access to the Twin Cities, offers many opportunities for entertainment and cultural exploration. In addition, the large number of fellows and residents here contributes to a healthy, knowledgeable community."

What does your future look like right now?
"After completing the motility fellowship, I will begin my training in clinical gastroenterology at Mayo. I look forward to becoming an excellent gastroenterologist, and utilizing the additional knowledge gained from my year as a motility fellow to pursue a career in academic medicine. I know that the support and guidance of the faculty here at Mayo will provide me the very best opportunity for reaching my goals."

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