Joshua P. Spanogle, M.D.

What attracted you to medicine and dermatology?

After growing up in York, Pennsylvania, I headed to Yale for college. Then I worked as an actor in New York, and then I worked in medical ethics. After a brief detour into the dotcom trenches, I headed to Stanford for medical school. While at Stanford, I conducted research in both orthopedics and dermatology. I was also fortunate enough to write and publish two novels while at medical school. The novels have been translated into eight languages.

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for residency training?

I was looking for a residency that provided very solid clinical education and academic heft. Mayo certainly has both. More than most or maybe any other residency program, Mayo trains you for practice as well as academics. The program allows you to keep your options open.

What makes the Mayo Clinic dermatology residency unique?

The autonomy that the residents earn by their third year is unparalleled.

The camaraderie is also impressive. Eight people are a lot for a dermatology residency. The other residents, and especially those in your residency class, are your consultants and backup. The intellectual quality of the medical discourse (yes, and sometimes the disputes) is my favorite thing about the program. It really is fun.