Greg Thaera, M.D.

What attracted you to medicine and neurology?

Like so many others, I was drawn to medicine to challenge myself while making a positive difference for others. Each case in neurology offers a stimulating puzzle. Solving the riddle is intellectually rewarding, and the further treatment I can offer in neurology can greatly improve the lives of patients and their families. The complexity of the human nervous system never ceases to amaze me.

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for residency training?

I specifically sought out a smaller program. I wanted to interact regularly with each member of the faculty and staff, as well as other residents. Here at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, I find that friendly and collegiate environment every day. I also have ample opportunities to participate in complex patient care in addition to clinical research.

What makes Mayo Clinic Arizona's Neurology Residency unique?

One particularly unique feature of the residency education here is our patient population. We see people from many states and other countries that travel here for a consultation. They bring a wide array of exciting neurological diagnoses. Also, ideas that residents bring to the table to improve the program are taken seriously by our supportive faculty and especially our program director Dr. Dodick. In addition, research opportunities are readily available from mentors who have exciting projects and enjoy resident collaboration. Most importantly, we residents complement each other's styles both personally and professionally.

What is living in Arizona (Phoenix/Scottsdale) like for you?

It's great! I can walk outside in comfortably sunny weather most of the year, though summers can be a bit scalding. I certainly do not miss the snow, though. Given that Phoenix is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country, there is no shortage of activities locally for any interest you may have. The local neighborhoods are safe and friendly. I very much enjoy living in Arizona.

What does your future look like right now?

I have a future of opportunity ahead of me. As a third-year resident, I am currently contemplating my future fellowships and practice options. I know that with my excellent training here at Mayo I can reach great heights in my career.