Furman S. McDonald, M.D., MPH

Mayo Clinic's greatest strength is its dedication to the patient first. Our patients are the reason we dedicate so much effort to excellence in education and research since our current and future patientswill benefit if we train the next generation of physicians as well as possible. Our patients are also why we seek to advance evidence-based education; we need to invest our training efforts in methods that can be shown to work optimally so our patients will receive the benefit of the best care well into the future.

I honestly tell the students we recruit into our residency program that, after our patients, the best thing about working at the Mayo Clinic for me is getting to work with the Internal Medicine residents. These are some of the best and brightest residents in the country and they're seeking to get even better as they dedicate themselves to learning by caring for patients and advancing our profession through research.

Mayo is great because of individuals who come together from different perspectives to share what is good and to commit to making it better. We seek to capitalize on differences that can shape the way we embrace the future. Together, we will be better prepared to serve the needs of our patients and prepare for the future.

Dec. 07, 2011