Daniel W. Visscher, M.D.

Daniel W. Visscher, M.D., completed his anatomic pathology and clinical pathology residency at Indiana University in 1986. The following year, he went on to do a surgical pathology fellowship at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he was introduced to lung pathology by Anna Luise Katzenstein, M.D., and Jeffrey L. Myers, M.D. During the fellowship, he published his first scholarly paper with Dr. Katzenstein, a study of birefringent crystalline material that is often seen in pulmonary granulomas.

Dr. Visscher has been a pathologist at three academic practices, including Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., University of Michigan and Wayne State University. He has been a professor of pathology since 2000.

Dr. Visscher is a devoted "generalist" and has participated mostly on surgical pathology services, although autopsies, breast consults, pulmonary pathology consults, cytology and even placenta sign-outs have been a part of his practice at various times along the way. He has been a pathology course director, a surgical pathology director and even a residency program director during his career, all of which serve to show that he has been around the profession for quite some time now.

Dr. Visscher has been a runner his entire life, still logging around 40 miles a week. He is a fanatical gardener and loves old books.