D. C. Mangum, Jr.

My current assignments include working as the Employee Service Center (ESC) manager and the program director for the Administrative Training Program (ATP). I enjoy both assignments.

AFP gives me the opportunity to help recruit, select and develop some of Mayo's future leaders. While AFP is a leadership development program, it also supports Mayo Clinic's diversity efforts. Each year we host a reception for candidates selected for onsite interviews. They have been a great success. We invite employees from several of Mayo's diversity interest groups to join administrators in meeting and greeting the candidates. Our goal is to facilitate real conversations about what it means to work at Mayo Clinic and live in the Rochester community.

Many of our candidates don't know much about Rochester prior to their onsite visits. Having the opportunity for real conversations with people who live and work in the community enabled them to make informed decisions in cases where job offers were extended. Some of the minority candidates have questions about community, religion, schools, overall quality of life in Rochester, and about the presence or lack of certain interest and ethnic groups.

As we continue to compete for talent, we must ensure that our strategic plans, as well as recruitment and retention strategies, address key workforce challenges including generational issues and diversity.

I am excited about what Mayo Clinic is doing in these arenas. Mayo Clinic is a great place to work. We provide challenging opportunities for employees, along with resources to equip and support each individual's contributions.

D.C. also participates in the African Descendants Support Group at Mayo Clinic.

  • Nov 11, 2010
  • PRO940622