Beverly Koski

What people say about Mayo Clinic is true: the needs of the patient come first. Throughout this program, I have increasingly realized all that goes into supporting that statement. I have been amazed at the level of healthcare that is given by incredibly talented healthcare teams, and I have gained a new appreciation of what I can contribute through Clinical Laboratory Science.

The faculty of this program have allowed us to gain a solid and extensive education through the didactic portion and the clinical rotations of this internship. I have appreciated the clinical rotations because of the exposure to actual patients. Upon coming to Mayo, I would look up at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus, and the Gonda building from the street and think, "I know there are real people who are very sick in there, but I can't fathom it." Now, however, by meeting patients face to face, and knowing their story and medical history, I feel a responsibility to each sample that comes through the laboratory because it is linked to someone's health.

The curriculum and clinical experience has prepared me to enter into the working force, and I am inspired to never forget the relevance of what I am doing in my job.

  • PRO131040