Beth A. Cloud, P.T.

Why did you choose research as a career?

I began thinking about pursuing a career in research while in undergrad at Augustana College. Understanding and applying research methodology was an integral part of the education through our psychology department.

This interest grew during my physical therapy training. I decided to pursue a Ph.D. as a supplement to my clinical training in order to prepare for a career in physical therapy-related research and education.

What attracted you to Mayo Graduate School?

I really appreciate that the education at Mayo is occurring in a large clinical setting. It provides us an opportunity to learn from a number of clinicians and researchers while constantly being reminded of the patients, our reason to do biomedical research.

Why did you choose the clinical and translational science track?

A former professor suggested I consider the clinical and translational science Ph.D. track to achieve my goal of research training. When I looked into the program, I found myself drawn to the focus of the training and the courses offered. I could imagine the countless possibilities for application of such a strong knowledge base in statistics, epidemiology and research design.

I sensed the program would help me to think more critically about physical therapy and medicine in general while preparing me for a successful career in rehabilitation research and education.

What do you like about Rochester, Minn.?

Rochester has a variety of activities and entertainment to offer. I've come to really enjoy the various events held downtown, especially Thursdays on First in the summer. I also spend a lot of time running on the extensive trail system and playing soccer in the active sports community.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to pursue a career in an academic setting. I hope to contribute to rehabilitation science and the field of physical therapy through research and education.

  • March 18, 2013
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