Barbara Porter

Every day, I have the privilege of working with the best and brightest learners in the country as I work as part of a team whose goal is to recruit, retain and advance diverse students within the College of Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

We see our role in the Office for Diversity as one of helping all learners achieve to their highest level. It is very rewarding for me to seek ways to aid the individual student as well as our educational enterprise in accruing the great value that comes from a diverse learning environment. I enjoy helping students maximize and take advantage of the vast resources that Mayo Clinic has to offer during their tenure in the College of Medicine, whether as an allied health student, medical student, graduate student, resident, fellow, or participant in any of our other training programs. I enjoy connecting diverse students to the unique resources available at Mayo Clinic and within our community. At Mayo Clinic, I honestly believe that our institution is committed to our environment a welcome and inclusive one for all of us. There is a renewed commitment to diversity and we have many "champions" who assist us with our diversity goals. Within the College of Medicine we believe that the learning environment is enriched by including people from a wide set of backgrounds and experiences.

Barbara Porter resides in Rochester, Minn., and has worked for Mayo Clinic since 1992.

Dec. 07, 2011