Barbara A. Barry

Design Lead, Student Health and Well-Being for Learning and Life, Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic

Barbara A. Barry has 15 years of experience developing social programs and new technologies to dramatically improve health care and education. She is an interdisciplinary research scientist who uses applied anthropology and computer science to fuel innovation in industry, public and humanitarian sectors. Barry has a Ph.D. and M.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Barry is currently leading the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation's efforts to understand the health needs of college students and design programs to encourage healthy behaviors for academic success and the foundations of lifelong health.

Prior to joining the Center for Innovation, Barry led a five-country effort in collaboration with the United Nations to improve refugee education for primary school children in the Middle East. In the health care arena, she has worked with neuroscientists and psychiatrists to develop personalized and scalable computer-aided psychotherapy, and led fieldwork to understand scalable care in crisis as a member of an emergency mental health response team in Haiti.

Barry is a ready advocate of the global Education for All effort and is a particularly avid supporter of programs that acknowledge the role that mental health plays in education. Her designs have been featured in I.D. Magazine and MIT Technology Review, and her research is published in academic conferences and journals, such as ACM Multimedia and AI Magazine.

July 15, 2014