Andrew Zolli

Curator and Executive Director, PopTech

Watch Andrew Zolli's Transform 2013 talk.

Andrew Zolli is an acclaimed leader in the fields of global foresight, social innovation and resilience. He serves as curator and executive director of PopTech, a global innovation network that brings together scientists, technologists, engineers, designers, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, ecologists and others to collaborate on new approaches to the world's toughest challenges.

Under Zolli's leadership, PopTech has incubated breakthrough collaborative innovations in mobile health care, education, sustainability and a number of related fields. It has also identified and trained dozens of the world's leading social innovators and scientists, and its annual thought-leadership conferences have become one of the most recognized and influential in the world.

Zolli has served as a fellow of the National Geographic Society, and his work and ideas regularly appear in dozens of leading publications and media outlets. In 2012, Zolli's book "Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back" was published by Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster.

Oct. 16, 2013