The Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center in Arizona enhances patient safety and improves competency assessment through new modes of simulation-based education.

Simulation technology includes SimMan 3G and the NOELLE Birthing and Maternal Simulator, which simulate patient conditions, and SimCapture systems that record the results of simulations performed in clinical environments for use in debriefing.

Control room

A one-way glass from the simulation center into the control room allows instructors to observe simulation sessions and control simulators and audiovisual equipment. The control room houses:

  • Computer operating systems for each simulator
  • Audio-video controls and monitors for the simulation center and classroom
  • Simulation data and video integration, annotation, evaluation, and storage platform
  • Individual wireless microphones for simulation participants

Each control station has three computer screens: one for the SimCapture system, one for the audio-video integration touch screen and one for the computer that runs the SimMan 3G patient simulator.

The use of simulation practice footage to debrief learners is especially effective for adult learners. The audio and video camera feeds from the simulation room and the patient simulator data can be routed to the SimCapture integration platform through the touch screen interface, which lists the video and data sources and the destination they are routed to.

Nov. 01, 2016