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Instructor Development

Simulation Instructor Development: Extensive Course

2016-2017 dates

  • April 25-27, 2016
  • Sept. 12-14, 2016
  • Nov. 7-9, 2016
  • March 13-15, 2017
  • May 8-10, 2017

Course description

Simulation Instructor Development: Extensive Course develops instructors for simulation-based education. Participants learn the principles of simulation-based education, including training methods, course design and concepts, and debriefing strategies, through the use of hands-on techniques.

Intended audience

The course is designed for individuals taking responsibility for curriculum design, implementation and execution in an experiential learning-based setting. The course is limited to 12 participants.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe concepts of simulation-based education
  • Describe elements for well-designed, simulation-based education to achieve good outcomes
  • Identify components of a simulation course
  • Develop performance objectives for a simulation experience
  • Discuss key principles to consider when designing simulation scenarios
  • Utilize the Scenario/Debrief Template Form in the development of a simulation scenario
  • Identify your communication styles
  • Assess how to adjust your communication style to the demands and expectations evident in challenging situations
  • Define debriefing and the goals of debriefing
  • Describe the role of the facilitator
  • Demonstrate the skills required of a facilitator
  • Discuss the ways to provide constructive feedback
  • Recognize strategies for managing challenging behaviors during a debriefing
  • Demonstrate effective debriefing strategies


Simulation Instructor Development: Extensive Course is held in the Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center, which is located on the main floor of the Stabile Building, 150 Third St. SW, Rochester, Minnesota. It is easily accessible by skyway and the pedestrian subway that connects Mayo Clinic to shops, restaurants and hotels.

The course begins at 8 a.m. on the first day and concludes in the afternoon on the final day.


The deadline to register is six weeks prior to the first day of the course offering. Space is limited to 12 participants.

To register, email Darcy R. Bulger or call 507-266-5072. Include this information in your registration request:

  • Name, position and title
  • Institution
  • Address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address

We limit the number of registrants for the course, which necessitates the closing of enrollment, so early registration is advised. A letter of confirmation is sent upon receipt of completed registration information.

Once registered, participants receive a confirmation letter and demographic questionnaire, which must be completed and returned. Participants also receive a list of recommended articles to be read prior to the course.

Due to the interactive nature of this course and to allow for electronically generated course content, each participant is required to bring a laptop to the course. The laptop should be Microsoft Word compatible. Wireless capability is preferred. If you cannot bring a laptop, let the simulation center representative know when you register, and we will accommodate you.


The registration fee for the three-day course is $2,100 per attendee, payable by credit card or check.

Once registered — see above for registration information — participants receive an invoice from Mayo Clinic Non-Patient Revenue Services. The registration fee is to be paid two weeks prior to the start of the course.

Enrollment and cancellation policy

Attendance is expected at all portions of the three-day course. Due to the limited number of participant openings available, a waiting list is created when the maximum number of participants is reached. If you must cancel your reservation, we will refund your tuition, less a $50 administrative fee, upon written notification.

Course cancellation policy

The Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course due to unforeseen circumstances or low enrollment. Cancellation due to low enrollment will be determined six weeks prior to the course, at which time the participants will be notified. It is recommended that you do not make flight or hotel reservations prior to the six-week timeframe.

Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center is not responsible for any related costs, charges or expenses incurred by participants due to cancellations or postponements, including fees assessed by airline, travel or lodging agencies.


Rochester, Minnesota, is serviced by a modern international airport with multiple flights daily from Chicago, Minneapolis or Detroit via American Airlines and Delta Airlines. Access to and from the airport is provided by taxi and shuttle service. The airport is located approximately 10 miles from the Mayo Clinic complex.


Review available options for hotels and lodging services.

Many hotels are connected by skyway and pedestrian subway to conference facilities, downtown shops and restaurants.


Parking is available in hotel, city, and Mayo Clinic patient and visitor ramps. Parking costs are not included in the registration fee. A map indicating the location of downtown parking facilities is sent with the registrant confirmation email.

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