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Mayo School of Health Sciences Wellness Coach Training prepares individuals for professional practice in hospitals, clinics, private practice, corporate wellness, wellness centers and more.

Outline of the learning experiences during the program:

Session Title
Session 1 Introduction: Wellness Coaching Program and Blackboard Basics
Session 2 Overview of Wellness Coaching
Session 3 On-site Sessions — The Coaching Conversation
Session 4 Case Studies/Neurobiology and Self-Regulation
Session 5 Setting the Stage for the Wellness Coaching Experience
Session 6 Building the Coaching Relationship
Session 7 Transforming Values and Desires Into Action: Goal Setting and Action Planning
Session 8 Supporting Lasting Change and Facilitating Closure
Session 9 Ethics, Systems and Resources
Session 10 Self-Care
Session 11 Integrating Your Skills for the Future

We have integrated a number of ways to practice coaching skills, including a "peer coaching process." Students will be assigned to a three-member peer coaching team to practice the skills learned in class.

In addition, all students will have the opportunity to participate in a mentored coach practice session with one of the instructors. More information about the peer coaching process will be explained during the on-site session.

Grading or evaluation

Mayo School of Health Sciences uses these evaluative tools:

  • Demonstration of skills
  • Self-assessment exercises
  • Faculty reviews

Mayo's system of evaluation provides students and faculty with a comprehensive look at individual performance. This allows faculty and administrative staff to direct students who are experiencing academic difficulty to the appropriate support resources.

Curriculum enhancements

Mayo School of Health Sciences is committed to developing and maintaining the best education programs. The curriculum and other aspects of this program are assessed constantly and changed as necessary to ensure the highest quality training.

  • April 19, 2013
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