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Quality Improvement Project

You are required to participate on the NICU Quality and Safety Committee. The second committee is the Family-Centered Care Committee.

The quality improvement curriculum is a foundation-wide initiative to assist in the implementation of Systems-Based Practice (SBP) and Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI), competencies required by the ACGME of all residencies and fellowships.

The project has the following objectives:


  • Facilitation of implementation of SBP and PBLI competencies in Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education programs
  • Foster quality improvement knowledge and skills among all learners of Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education

Guiding principles

  • Principles, significance and practice of improving quality of patient care are made integral to the existing curriculum.
  • The Dreyfus model of skills is used to guide vertical integration.
  • Learning is linked to key organizational priorities and strategic vision.

Significance for the curriculum

  • Changing nature/focus of health care (e.g., personal and patient experiences, literature)
  • Changing interests among learners
  • Future of medical education
  • Institutional priorities/strategic vision
  • ACGME/AAMC/MSOP priority
  • Significance of leadership skills at recruitment for career options
  • Aug 8, 2013
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