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Conference review procedure

Required recurring conferences

Conferences that occur on a regular basis and follow a consistent format are reviewed at the end of each month by all fellows. A sufficient period of time at the conclusion of the last half-day of conferences is dedicated to the conference review process. In effect, fellows are given the opportunity to reflect on their educational experience on a monthly basis.

Examples: Perinatal review; neonatal core curriculum; fetal treatment

Required intermittent conferences

Conferences that occur less frequently and follow a consistent format are reviewed at the conclusion of the month during which the conference occurred. Since the format would be familiar to the fellows, the lapse of time between the conference and the reflection/review likely would not impair the fellows' ability to accurately critique their learning experience.

Examples: Neonatal morbidity and mortality; clinical consensus

Required unique conferences

Conferences that occur intermittently and do not follow a set format or contain familiar content are evaluated immediately at the conclusion of each such conference.

Examples: Fellows' and faculty's research presentations; invited lecturers

Conference schedule

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine lecture series

July 2013

Date Time Topic Director
11 1200-1330 Fetal Board  
1330-1430 MFM Outpatient Conference  
18 1200-1300 Fellowship Orientation  
1300-1400 Clinical Consensus Conference — Bubble CPAP Harris
1400-1500 Service Review  
25 1200-1330 Fetal Board  
1330-1430 MFM Outpatient Conference  

August 2013

Date Time Topic Director
1 1200-1300 Journal Club Harris
1300-1400 Morbidity and Mortality (2nd Quarter) Harris
1400-1500 Service Review  
8 1200-1300 Didactic Session: Treatment of Clubfoot McIntosh
1300-1430 MFM Outpatient Conference  
15 1200-1300 Service Review  
1300-1400 Didactic Session: Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension Johnson
1400-1500 Didactic Session: Hypoglycemia Asay
22 1200-1330 Fetal Board  
1330-1430 MFM Outpatient Conference Carey
29 1200-1400 Emergency Procedure Review Lang
1400-1500 Service Review  

Conference descriptions


  • Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (NPM) didactics
    • Material intended for an NPM fellow
    • May be suitable for other divisions' fellows
  • MFM-NPM didactics
    • Material presented first by MFM staff with emphasis on the mother and the fetus
    • Followed by Neonatal Medicine/DPAM/other staff with emphasis on neonate
  • MFM Outpatient Conference
    • Opportunity for MFM fellows to present challenging cases to MFM staff
    • Gives NPM fellows case-based reinforcement of didactic learning
  • Fetal Board Conference
    • Review of fetal cases that may require intervention antenatally or soon after birth


  • Journal Club
    • Review of recent literature by the fellow with discussion among staff
    • You choose and review an article(s) with the help of a faculty facilitator
    • Once each year, Journal Club is held jointly with MFM fellows and staff


  • Morbidity and Mortality
    • Brief review of admission/discharge statistics
    • Brief review of all cases
    • Thorough review of significant complications and deaths
    • Optional case presentation with topic presentation


  • Clinical Consensus Conference
    • Review of literature by a fellow, resulting in an evidence-based practice plan
    • You choose the topic and relevant literature with the help of faculty facilitator


  • Research Symposium
    • Presentation of your completed work and plan for the upcoming year
  • APS-SPR Preparation
    • Opportunity to present material for critique and recommendations for revision
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