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Required Training

Before arriving for orientation, you're required to complete several training modules in Blackboard, an online learning management system used by Mayo Clinic. Completing these modules will take an average of 12 to 15 hours.

To access Blackboard, you'll need a user ID and password. Your pre-assigned user ID and password will be provided to you via email by your education program coordinator.

The modules are:

  • Greetings from David J. Capobianco, M.D., associate dean, Mayo Clinic in Florida
  • Central Line Placement
  • Infection Control
  • Environmental Health and Occupational Safety
  • National Patient Safety Goals
  • The Mayo Legacy
  • Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (FCCS)

Log in

Once you receive your user ID and password from your education program coordinator:

  • Go to and go in through the student portal.
  • Once logged in, choose Blackboard from the right-hand column.
  • After logging in, under "My Courses," choose "Residency and Fellowship Orientation," and follow the directions listed to complete the modules.

If you have questions about logging in or the modules, contact Amanda L. Moseley at 904-953-2749 or

If you experience any issues during the Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (FCCS) module, contact 847-827-6888.

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