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Required Training

During orientation, you will be provided online access to complete these required training modules.

Online module Time
Clinical Laser Safety 30 minutes
EMTALA 30 minutes
FCCS Prep Tools 15 minutes
HIPAA Privacy-Security 45 minutes
Infection Prevention and Control 30 minutes
Integrity and Compliance Program 30 minutes
Intellectual Property Agreement Form 5 minutes
Medication Abbreviations 20 minutes
Patient Restraints 10 minutes
Physician Impairment 15 minutes
Pressure Ulcer 15 minutes
Safety, Emergency Response and Hazardous Materials 30 minutes
Sedation Education for Physicians and Advanced Practitioners 20 minutes
Sleep Deprivation 15 minutes
Specimen Labeling 15 minutes
Department-specific required training Time
Central Venous Cannulation 30 minutes
MRI Safety 30 minutes
Radiation Safety 15 minutes
  • April 7, 2014
  • ART223317