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Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Mayo School of Health Sciences Alumni Association (MSHSAA) provides direction for the association's future programming and activities. Its members represent various health sciences professions and geographic locations, and only Mayo School of Health Sciences (MSHS) alumni are eligible to serve on the board.


Image of the Mayo School of Health Sciences Alumni Association board of directors.

Election of new board members takes place each spring at the MSHSAA annual meeting.

Any MSHS alumnus or alumna can nominate someone — or nominate himself or herself — to serve on the executive committee, or as a director or the vice president. Nominations are accepted throughout the year. Learn more about nominating someone, or yourself, for the board.

Board members

Board members for 2012-2013 are:


Name and title Location MSHS program and graduation year
Caren Hughes, president Kemah, Texas Pharmacy (2006)
Todd Meyer, president-elect Rochester, Minn. Nurse anesthesia (2005)
Vicki Place, vice president Phoenix Radiography (1995)
Joan Hunziker Dean, secretary-treasurer Rochester, Minn. Nurse anesthesia (1995) and master of nurse anesthesia (1997)
Jerrod Ernst, past president Seattle Radiography (2000) and radiation therapy (2002)
Karen Herman, administrator Rochester, Minn.
Betsey Smith, alumni relations coordinator Rochester, Minn.

Executive committee

Name Location MSHS program and graduation year
David Agerter, M.D. (ex officio) Rochester, Minn.
Patricio Aleman Rochester, Minn. Physician assistant (1993)
Nancy Gray (ex officio) Scottsdale, Ariz.
Kate Ray (ex officio) Jacksonville, Fla.
Gayle Sanderson Byron, Minn. Physical therapy (1971)
Vanessa Scifres Bellevue, Idaho Physical therapy (2005)
Troy Tynsky (ex officio) Rochester, Minn.


Name Location MSHS program and graduation year
Danicia Asberry Jacksonville, Fla. Sonography (2011)
Kimberly Bishop Minneapolis Physical therapy (2005)
Carrlene Donald Phoenix Physician assistant (2007)
Stephen Klinkhammer Racine, Wis. Nurse anesthesia (1995)
Jill Knutson Jacksonville, Fla. Nurse anesthesia (2000)
Natalie Loeffler Rochester, Minn. Echocardiography (2006)
Pamela Lovett Jacksonville, Fla. Nurse anesthesia (2003)
Rebecca Loving Dallas Cytotechnology (2000)
Rick Mattoon Glendale, Ariz. Radiography (1997)
Ashley Mroczenski Eau Claire, Wis. Nuclear medicine technology (2006) and physician assistant (2010)
Sarah Oakley Scottsdale, Ariz. Audiology (2008)
Bill Oswald Rochester, Minn. Nuclear medicine technology (1982)
Tamara Redden Phoenix Cardiology nurse practitioner (2010)
Linsey Wagner Scottsdale, Ariz. Audiology (2008)
Brad Wehe Grand Forks, N.D. Physical therapy (1989)
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