For more information about our program, contact:

  1. Jamie J. Van Gompel, M.D., FAANS
    1. Neurologic Surgery Residency Program Director
  2. Robert J. Spinner, M.D.
    1. Neurologic Surgery Department Chair
  3. Kathryn M. Millard
    1. Neurologic Surgery Residency Education Coordinator
    2. Phone: 507-538-6545
    3. Email: or

For email requests, please include:

  • The name of the residency or fellowship in which you are interested
  • The Mayo Clinic campus at which the program is offered (Jacksonville, Florida; Rochester, Minnesota; or Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona)
  • Your name and contact information
  • Your medical school and year of graduation
  • Your previous current or previous residency and fellowship training, if any
April 28, 2017