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The Odyssey of Christopher Miles


"The Odyssey of Christopher Miles" by John Woods, M.D., Ph.D., is an illustrated science fiction book written completely in rhyming verse — and with a message. It is directed toward adolescents and adults, though children seem to enjoy the illustrations.

This book was written about 15 years ago to encourage Christopher Miles, a very literate 11-year-old boy. His siblings are also included in the tale. Christopher was going through some of the normal adolescent struggles and had enjoyed the "Chronicles of Narnia," by C.S. Lewis. This gave the author the idea for fantasy — and since verse comes about as readily to the author as prose, that medium was used. As in the "Chronicles of Narnia," a moral and spiritual component was included.

After reading the book, Robert Benassi, a gifted retired medical illustrator, indicated he would be pleased to illustrate the verse, something that would greatly add to its appeal. With the urgings to publish by dozens of people who had read this fantasy in verse, this current effort was undertaken.

About the author and illustrator

The author, Dr. Woods, is a retired plastic surgeon who practiced at Mayo Clinic for several decades.

The illustrator, Mr. Benassi, served for many years as section head of medical illustration at Mayo, where he gave long, faithful and creative service.

More information

For more information, contact Dr. Woods by email.

  • Oct 26, 2011
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