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Recollections of a Mayo Clinic Fellowship at Mid-Twentieth Century: 1948-1952


Kenneth Woolling, M.D., in "Recollections of a Mayo Clinic Fellowship at Mid-Twentieth Century: 1948-1952," presents Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., as it existed during his four-year fellowship. It offers a remarkable, behind-the-scenes view of advanced medical training at this unique institution. This book of memories should be of interest to physicians, medical students, history enthusiasts and general readers alike.

Dr. Woolling wrote this book to pay tribute to Mayo Clinic, as well as to honor the outstanding members of its teaching staff during that time period. The book chronicles some of the major medical developments that took place at Mayo during those years, including the discovery of cortisone, the introduction of anticoagulant therapy and the first effective treatment for tuberculosis. Also described in the book are the city of Rochester and its surrounding areas.

About the author

Dr. Woolling completed internal medicine training at Mayo Clinic in 1952.

More information

Learn more by contacting Dr. Woolling via email. Order the book by completing and sending in the form at the bottom of the book flier (PDF).

  • Oct 26, 2011
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