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Atlas of Skin Cancers: Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment


In this book, Ali Hendi, M.D., and Juan-Carlos Martinez, M.D., set out to provide a practical resource that will help improve the "visual vocabulary" of physicians and physician extenders, helping them identify lesions that should be biopsied. Hundreds of high-quality color images are included to assist the reader in the task of recognition and identification. All of the common cutaneous malignancies are illustrated, with a number of examples of each entity and of common mimickers.

In addition, biopsy techniques and treatment options are presented in step-by-step detail with the use of high-resolution clinical images, and potential complications of treatment are discussed. This atlas is ideal for all providers who wish to sharpen their clinical acumen and gain confidence in identifying skin cancers.

(Description used from with permission.)

About the authors

Dr. Hendi was on staff at Mayo Clinic in Florida from 2004 to 2008 and now has a private practice, and Dr. Martinez is currently an assistant professor of dermatology at Mayo Clinic in Florida.

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  • Oct 26, 2011
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