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Pay dues

Member dues are the most important source of funding for Mayo Clinic Alumni Association (MCAA) activities. Each year, alumni receive a letter from the MCAA president asking for dues, which are voluntary.

Pay your member dues online by credit card.

When paying dues online, you will first be prompted to log in to the online community — learn how to register or retrieve your login information.

Annual dues are:

  • $75 for alumni who are active in clinical practice, research or academia
  • $35 for retired alumni no longer in active practice or research
  • $35 for alumni in a training program

Where dues go

In addition to supporting some of the benefits described in this section, dues also support:

  • Awards, which honor alumni for accomplishments related to research, professional achievement and humanitarian service
  • Life After Fellowship or Residency, a seminar that assists physicians in successfully transitioning from a residency or fellowship to a clinical or academic practice
  • Young Investigator Research Symposium, an educational program for young researchers and clinicians
  • Regional educational programs and the Welcome to Education, Life and Leisure (W.E.L.L.) program for physicians and scientists
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