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Plummer Society

The Plummer Society is a group founded in honor of Dr. Henry Plummer to promote the continuation and diffusion of knowledge in the fine art and science of internal medicine and medical subspecialties.

The society is governed by elected officers consisting of the president, vice president, secretary-treasurer and three council members.

Membership in The Plummer Society is open to physicians who have completed training in Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education internal medicine and subspecialty residencies. Current Mayo Clinic staff members who did not train at Mayo Clinic are eligible for membership in The Plummer Society after one year.

Additional information about the society can be found in the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association (MCAA) online community.


Meetings of The Plummer Society are held in conjunction with the MCAA biennial meeting.


The Plummer Society Award for Excellence is given to a member of The Plummer Society to honor excellence and unique contributions to internal medicine and subspecialties in practice, education, research or administration.


For more information about the Plummer Society, contact:

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