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Krusen Society

The Krusen Society is a group for physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry) alumni. The society, founded in honor of Dr. Frank Krusen, is composed of regular and honorary members.

Regular members are physiatrists who have completed a physical medicine and rehabilitation residency or fellowship through Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, as well as current and emeritus staff of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation who have not trained at Mayo Clinic.

Honorary members are physiatrists in good standing who have rendered distinguished service to the discipline of rehabilitation and who have shown outstanding ability and achievement in the promotion and diffusion of knowledge in the art and science of physiatry.

Candidates for honorary membership may be submitted to the president of the Krusen Society by any regular member. Names of qualified candidates will be brought to the Krusen Society members for election as an honorary member. Honorary members are not able to vote or hold office in the society.

Elected officers of the society are the president and the secretary-treasurer, who each serve four-year terms.

More information about the Krusen Society can be found in the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association (MCAA) online community.


Annual meetings of the society are held at the annual assembly of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. There is an additional meeting held in conjunction with the MCAA biennial meeting.


For more information about the Krusen Society, contact:

  • Mary F. Kessler
    • Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    • 507-255-5920
  • Nov 9, 2012
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