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Priestley Society Awards

Three awards are given each year by the Priestley Society, a Mayo Clinic Alumni Association group for surgeons who trained at Mayo Clinic or who are current or former staff members in the Mayo Clinic Department of Surgery.

Legacy Professorship

The Legacy Professorship was established in 2002 to honor those who have embodied the Mayo heritage, established great traditions and left behind a legacy as a prominent surgeon in — their given field. Each — year, the Priestley Society Executive Committee votes to award this honor to a retired Mayo staff member.

Past and future honorees
2013Gordon K. Danielson, M.D.
2012Jon van Heerden, M.D.
2011Roger R. Dozois, M.D.
2010Peter C. Pairolero, M.D.
2009John E. Woods, M.D.
2008Keith A. Kelly, M.D.
2007Peter Mucha Jr., M.D.
2006Donald C. McIlrath, M.D.
2005Phil Bernatz, M.D.
2004William ReMine, M.D.
2003Martin Adson II, M.D.
2002Oliver Beahrs, M.D.

ReMine Lectureship

The ReMine Lectureship was developed in 2005 by David R. Farley, M.D., to honor William J. ReMine, M.D. Each year, the Priestley Society Executive Committee votes to award this honor to an active society member who is considered a cutting-edge or master surgeon in his or her field.

2013Clive S. Grant, M.D.
2012David M. Nagorney, M.D.
2011Peter Gloviczki, M.D.
2010Heidi Nelson, M.D.
2009C. Daniel Smith, M.D.
2008Michael G. Sarr, M.D.
2007Rick Satava, M.D.
2006Ronald A. Hinder, M.D.

W. Deprez Inlow Award

The W. Deprez Inlow Award was established in 2004 by a generous gift from the extended family of Dr. Robert and Robbie Inlow in honor of Dr. Inlow's father, Dr. W. Deprez Inlow, who trained in surgery at Mayo Clinic from 1919 to 1921.

On Resident Education Day in February, six general surgery residents from the Mayo Clinic campuses in Arizona, Florida and Rochester compete in an academic competition. Each resident presents a research project via teleconference to staff physicians, who ask questions and rate the presentations. The resident with the highest score wins the W. Deprez Inlow Award — an all-expenses paid trip to the Priestley Society meeting and the honor of presenting the first paper at the event.

Past honorees
2011Lee J. McGhan, M.D.
2010Joseph B. Lillegard, M.D., Ph.D.
2009Rory L. Smoot, M.D., and Travis J. McKenzie, M.D.
2008Stephen H. McKellar, M.D.
2007Randall Craft, M.D.
2006Mark J. Truty, M.D.
2005Jess Thompson, M.D.


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