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Expert Searching, Reference and Outreach

Mayo Clinic employees and students recognize and appreciate library staff for their expertise in using the Internet and intranet as well as traditional scholarly resources to find the best, most inclusive information to meet every health care and administrative need. Library staff identify and provide electronic and print reference lists (many with full text) of scholarly publications for any professional project involving clinical care, education, research, or quality improvement. Whether the need is urgent, or for long- or short-term projects, library staff will respond with phone calls, e-mail or in-person consultations. Our intranet Web site offers users quick access to reference and outreach services via the "Talk to the Library" and "Research it for Me" buttons. Once the user has received a reference list, users may then use "Send me an Article" and "Send me a Book" buttons to request selected journals or books. This complete scholarly reference experience is offered in clinical care, research, education and quality for:

  • Complex and unusual cases
  • Key decision making
  • Institutional support of litigation
  • Scholarship funding
  • Grant support
  • Best practices
  • Evidence-based literature on any subject

Outreach: Our local professional outreach program provides updates and orientations on electronic and print resources throughout the institution. Consultations on departmental collections and classes are also available without charge in all Mayo Clinic locations.

Tours: Mayo Clinic Libraries offers tours of its facilities and collections by appointment only to visiting health care professionals and prospective students. If you are planning on visiting any of Mayo’s campuses, feel free to contact the Mayo Clinic Libraries for a tour of our physical or online collections.

  • May 21, 2012
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