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Resource Allocation

Primary funding for the Mayo Library System comes from institutional funds, restricted donor funds, endowment offsets and revenue. The 2011 expense allocation example below includes expenditures for the Mayo Clinic Rochester campus with the addition of expenses for the Mayo Digital Library, consisting of e-resources shared and accessible at all institutional locations.

These expenses are reported to various agencies such as the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries, Association of College & Research Libraries, Academic Libraries Survey, and others. Nearly half of the operating expense is allocated to e-resources and traditional collections.

Personnel costs (direct salary and benefits) account for approximately 30 percent, and facility costs and depreciation account for 22 percent of operating expense. Net revenue includes Mayo Medical Bookstore profit, interlibrary loan revenue, annual individual donor revenue, and special and endowment funds used to offset operational expense. Net expense for the Rochester campus is allocated by formula to the clinical practice, research and education.

FY11 Expenditure Categories
Expense Category Expense ($) Percent (%)
E-resources: Collections & Systems 5,500,000 45%
Personnel 3,600,000 30%
Space & Depreciation 2,600,000 22%
Staff Development 23,000 0%
Other Costs 351,000 3%
Operating Expense 12,074,000
Net Revenue/Offsets (350,000)
Net Expense 11,724,000
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