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Quotes on Quality

The Mayo Clinic Libraries and the Mayo Clinic Survey Research Center conducted a survey of the Rochester, Arizona, and Jacksonville sites in December 2003 to assess the perception of library quality by employees and students related to availability of resources, quality of services, and adequacy of facilities. There were approximately 6,000 valid survey responses received (of 20,000 invitations sent) from a broad section of employees and students. Overall, Mayo Clinic employees and students expressed a high level of satisfaction with the Library.

The 2003 survey was used in the redesign of the Library's website and resulted in thousands of fill-in responses to various questions. Following is a selection of the responses from the Quality Survey highlighting the value of the Library to employees and students.

"I am in awe of the resources we have at our fingertips in the Mayo libraries. I use them quite a bit and am very glad to have all of this resource available to me. When I share with colleagues at other institutions information about this resource, they're jealous!"

"... This remarkable facility is the core of Mayo Clinic, and should be preserved, nurtured and sustained for the Century to come. Although the electronic information revolution challenges libraries through the development of a 'virtual library', there is no substitute for the physical library. Maintaining a vibrant, active library is essential to the mission of the Clinic: 'To care for the sick, while advancing the science'!"

"The Library is a great source of pride to the Institution."

"Keep up the good work. The library is critical to meeting our goals related to research, practice and education. We are very fortunate to have such excellent facilities and staff."

"I would like to comment that I am most impressed with the method of online request for journal articles and books. It has been extremely helpful to be able to receive journal articles via pdf in only a day or two. Thank you very much for this service ..."

"I am truly grateful for the fantastic service that the Mayo librarians provide! I feel so fortunate to have such terrific access to information."

"Keep up the great work. Be proud of our library ..."

"I like the personal service ... I like the 'tutoring' I get occasionally when I have a need -- this one to one is better than signing up for a class or trying to learn it myself."

"I would just like to comment that the library staff has always been of great help. I find them professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and invaluable!"

"Don't change the staff you have; there is no better staff in the WORLD ... this is what makes the libraries excellent!"

"I find the library resources one of the most important benefits to working for Mayo. I use a service provided by the library every day. I doubt a day goes by where I don't search our resources to see what has been published or what I can use to teach a patient or resident or to help guide clinical therapy."

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