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William Harvey

William Harvey (1578-1657)

WILLIAM HARVEY (1578-1657) was born at Folkstone, England and educated at Gonville, Caius College, Cambridge and at Padua. In 1615 he was appointed Lumleian lecturer to the College of Physicians. His first lectures were in a mixture of Latin and English. One entry reads: "W.H. demonstrates by the structure of the heart that the blood is constantly passed through the lungs into the aorta… He demonstrates by the ligature the passage of blood from the arteries to veins. Thus is proved a perpetual motion of the blood in a circle caused by the pulsation of the heart."

In 1628 he published his Exercitatio anatomica de motu cordis et sanguinis in animalibus, the establishment of knowledge of circulation of the blood, and the beginning of modern experimental medicine.

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