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Baron Jean Nicolas Corvisart Des Marest

Baron Jean Nicolas Corvisart Des Marest (1755-1821)

BARON JEAN NICOLAS CORVISART DES MAREST (1755-1821) was born in the small French village of Dricourt in Champagne in 1755. He received his M.D. in 1785. In 1797, he was appointed professor of practical medicine in the Collège de France, the highest teaching honor in France. In 1806 he wrote the best treatise on cardiac disease of its time: Essai sur les maladies et les lesions organiques du coeur et des grow vaisseaux (1806), in which he classified heart disease on the basis of the anatomical structures involved-pericardium, heart muscle, endocardium and valves. He described with great accuracy mitral and aortic valvular lesions, and tricuspid stenosis.

In his second great work: Nouvelle methode pour reconnaitre les maladies internes, Corvisart translated Leopold Auenbrugger's Inventum novum and established percussion as a diagnostic method.

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