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Ceiling Exhibit

One of the special architectural features of Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is the carved and painted beamed ceiling in the main reading room, Mayo Hall, of the Medical Library located in the historic 1928 Plummer Building.

Dr. Henry Plummer, for whom the second Mayo Clinic building was named, was an early associate of the Mayo brothers and was the chief architect of the 1914 clinic building, the 1928 building (now the Plummer Building) and Mayo's medical record system.

Dr. Plummer, who also designed the original library floor in the 1928 building, selected 60 prominent physicians and scientists to be memorialized on the ceiling beams of the reading room. After Dr. Plummer's death in 1936, and that of Will and Charlie in 1939, the names of the Mayo brothers were added to the ceiling in 1950.

The combination of marble arches and double-height, painted beamed ceiling make the architectural space unique. The painted ceiling beams serve as a permanent display of the sixty-two names of notable medical men and women selected to represent the best of science and medicine from antiquity to the mid-1930s. A fishtailed merman and an eagle-winged griffin frame each name.

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