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Application Information

Letter of intent requirements

Letters of intent are due by Monday, Feb. 11, for the 2013 HIPFA and should be submitted by email to The letter should be one page in length and include:

  • Title and summary (one page limit)
    • Name of principal investigator
    • Principal investigator's department/division
    • Names of co-investigators and their department/division and site (not more than two)
    • Project title
    • Project summary/abstract
    • Statement on how projects meet program intent (high-impact on patient care or the field)

Application requirements

The High-Impact Pilot and Feasibility Award (HIPFA) checklist will guide you through the application process.

This checklist details the components of a complete application and includes instructions and downloadable templates for your protocol and budget. Please follow the budget instructions closely.

Resubmission of applications

Applications not funded by the CCaTS Scientific Review Panel may be resubmitted for consideration one time.


A final report will be required at the end of the funding period, and should include a description of the arrangements made for implementing the improvement in Mayo's practice or the impact the work has on the field. The NIH requires that results be tracked according to:

  1. Documented effect on clinical practice and educational programs
  2. Career development milestones
  3. Number and quality of resulting publications, grant submissions and grants awarded. The impact may be tracked for up to three years after the funding period is complete. Please note that no-cost extensions cannot be granted by research services.


The NIH Public Access Policy requires that all publications resulting from NIH funding be uploaded to PubMed Central. CTSA awards, including intramurally funded awards, must follow this policy. The Mayo Clinic Public Access Policy intranet site (must be logged in to the Mayo network) will guide awardees through the process of uploading publications.

Please remember to cite the Mayo Clinic CTSA grant in your publication:

This publication was made possible by the Mayo Clinic CTSA through grant number UL1 TR000135 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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