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Application Information


Applications requiring IRB approval must be submitted through IRBe (requires that you be logged in to the Mayo network). In IRBe, applicants should answer "yes" to question 2 under Section 03 — General Information ("Will the Rochester Clinical Research Unit (CRU) and/or Translational Technology Cores (TTC) be utilized?"). Justification for funding requests should be included in Section 51.13 of the CRU/TTC Resource Summary ("Are you requesting Technology Access funds for this protocol?") — complete this section as appropriate to the study and resources requested.

For applications not requiring IRB approval, please contact the Human Studies Resource Assistant at 8-6400.

Review criteria

Awards are made based upon project merit as evaluated by peer review, with funding decisions made by IRB-C. Review criteria includes:

  • Innovation and scientific merit of the protocol
  • Potential to change clinical practice or to translate findings to clinical care
  • Likelihood of the protocol to result in high-impact discovery
  • Degree to which the protocol addresses health disparities and/or minority issues
  • Likelihood the protocol will lead to patents, commercialization or start-up companies
  • Appropriate justification, its relation to the goals and aims of the project, total requested dollar amount and the amount requested per patient/sample
  • Strong preference will be given to:
    • NIH-sponsored protocols
    • Meritorious new-investigator proposals with the potential to result in NIH funding
    • Studies likely to result in new extramural funding
  • Proposals will be scored utilizing NIH grant-scoring guidelines


An annual progress report will be requested at the end of the funding period.

Investigators receiving CTSA Stimulus Award will be included in the CTSA annual progress report to NIH and will be asked to identify the grants and publications resulting from CTSA support. Awardees are also required to acknowledge use of the CTSA in any resulting peer-reviewed publications.


The NIH Public Access Policy requires that all publications resulting from NIH funding be uploaded to PubMed Central. CTSA awards, including intramurally funded awards, must follow this policy. The Mayo Clinic Public Access Policy intranet site will guide awardees through the process of uploading publications.

Please remember to cite the Mayo Clinic CTSA in your publication:

This publication was made possible by the Mayo Clinic CTSA through grant number UL1 TR000135 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


  • Human Studies Resource Assistant
    • 507-538-6400
  • April 27, 2015
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