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Mayo Clinic CTSA and Yale Center for Clinical Investigation collaborate to remove barriers in initiating research

The Mayo Clinic Center for Translational Science Activities (CTSA) and Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) partnered on a linked collaborative project to help minimize barriers to the initiation of research and provide timely access to support resources for investigative faculty.

"Each institution was able to adapt best practices and provide a fresh approach to expand and enhance existing programs," says Scott E. Kaese, Mayo Clinic CTSA director of administration. "We learned that even if we can't replicate entire projects, we can still implement some of the major ideas."

As a result of the project, the Mayo Clinic CTSA and YCCI exchanged best practices and resources for the benefit of research support, shared findings for possible implementation at Clinical and Translational Science Award institutions, and leveraged unique strengths to initiate and support research protocols.

A collaboration model was designed for sharing specific best practices, expertise and technologies between the Mayo CTSA and YCCI. In addition, project findings and possible "shared" tools and processes were disseminated to Clinical and Translational Science Award consortium members.

The project was funded by linked American Reinvestment and Recovery Act supplement grants.

  • July 1, 2013
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