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External Advisory Committee Affirms Center for Translational Science Activities Accomplishments and Goals for Next Funding Period

Following its visit on March 16-18, 2011, the Center for Translational Science Activities (CTSA) External Advisory Committee (EAC) presented a very positive review of Mayo Clinic's CTSA.

Members, invited from peer institutions, came together with the Internal Advisory Committee and CTSA leadership to review all aspects of the clinical and translational research programs and services offered by CTSA, including goals for the next funding period.

The EAC congratulated Mayo on having received in January one of the most competitive scores in the first group applying for renewal of the inaugural National Institutes of Health clinical and translational science awards.

In their written review, the EAC applauded Mayo's success citing "genuine achievement" and "an extremely well-designed, compelling and accessible renewal document."

They encouraged CTSA to move forward with its plans, and in some cases, detailed additional suggestions for the future. For example, the committee encouraged further development of Community Engagement and Research including continued efforts to establish the bidirectional community linkages that lead to new discoveries, better implementation and to a better understanding of the science of health improvement. They felt Mayo has a "clear opportunity to be a national model" in this area.

In addition to Community Engagement, other components of CTSA reviewed by the EAC included:

  • Regulatory Knowledge and Support
  • Education
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Translating Comparative Effectiveness Research into Practice (TRACER)
  • Clinical Research Resources and Specialized Phenotyping Facilities
  • Research Design, Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Ethics
  • Pilot Translational/Clinical Studies and Development of Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies

More information about CTSA programs and services

  • April 15, 2011
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