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Thesis Standards

The thesis you produce as a Postdoctoral Master's Degree Program scholar is expected to:

  • Lead to two or three first-author publications in peer-reviewed journals of significance (impact factor in field is considered)
  • Contain original data
    • Analyses can be conducted from existing data, but you must conduct them with minimal help from a Ph.D. statistician.
    • The hypotheses from existing data must be original and derived by you.
  • Make a significant contribution to the field, which means it expands scientific understanding and advances the science
  • Have a significant impact on your research career (such as by generating data for a grant submission)
  • In terms of format and style:
    • In addition to methods and results, the thesis must contain a comprehensive discussion of the literature and methodological issues, as well as a discussion of the impact of the new data on the field and the next steps for further research.
    • May contain reprints of original articles.
    • Should follow content and format instructions found in Mayo Graduate School's guidelines for a master's thesis (must be logged in to the Mayo network).
    • Be approximately 40 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12), not including tables, graphs and figures.

Your final thesis draft should be submitted no fewer than six weeks prior to your anticipated thesis defense date. See the "final thesis review process" section on the thesis requirements page for more details.

  • Dec 30, 2015
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